An important message from the founders

To our loyal readers, subscribers and supporters,

Together we have achieved so much. Two years ago, we left our careers in journalism for grown-ups and put all our personal savings into launching Australia’s only national newspaper for kids.

We thought it was about time young people had their own quality newspaper, especially at a time when information comes from so many different places and it’s not always clear who’s producing it or why.

And we thought it was very important kids were a key part of actually making Crinkling News. By being junior editors, reporters, reviewers and media literacy leaders you’ve helped shape the newspaper and shared your ideas with the nation. We broke the mould and pioneered a new approach to current affairs with you at the centre.

When our personal savings weren’t enough to keep publishing, you put your hands in your pockets and helped us raise money as part of a crowdfunding campaign so we could find new ways to keep Crinkling News doing ground-breaking work.

And we did. That money allowed us to cover news for kids for a further eight months, launch Australia’s inaugural media literacy conference for young people, do the first research into how kids and teens get their news across the nation, and more.

We made every cent stretch as far as it possibly could.

And all the people working behind the scenes volunteered lots of their time because we believe Crinkling News is so important – and we didn’t want to let you down.

But we are very sorry to say we cannot keep publishing the newspaper with the resources we have.

There are big, exciting opportunities out there for Crinkling News and for you, the kids of Australia. But it will need a much bigger business, government or philanthropy to take all the amazing things we have done together and keep the momentum going.

You may have more questions and we have tried to answer these here. You can also find out about your subscriptions in these FAQs.

Thank you. And thank you especially to our readers. We strived for excellence and integrity and you inspired us to keep going and do even better. You proved the need and worth of Crinkling News.

Saffron Howden and Remi Bianchi

Founders, Crinkling News