Parents and teachers

Crinkling News is the only national newspaper for young Australians. As parents and veterans of the newspaper industry, we realised there was little in the way of child-accessible news outlets in our country. Yet kids are fascinated by the world around them and want to be active in their community.

Crinkling News is aimed at seven- to 14-year-olds, but can challenge and absorb all who turn its pages. We encourage subscribers and readers to take ownership of their newspaper by submitting reviews and photographs, writing opinion pieces, and suggesting story ideas.


Crinkling News aims to educate the Australian adults of tomorrow about the world around them, to inspire them to participate in their local and global community, to foster a love of reading and learning and writing, and to entertain them with the extraordinary tales that form the story of humanity.


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Paula Pond and Erland Howden

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