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Saffron Howden, editor

Saffron Howden, editor

You may have heard the saying “The best things in life are free.”

Well, it’s not always true. Some of the best things that help give us a happy and healthy life cost lots of money.

There’s your education that will help you to one day get a decent job so you can buy the things you need and want.

You need wholesome food to keep you healthy and give you a long life, and that also costs money.

Houses are expensive, and you have to pay a lot for electricity, and petrol for cars.

We need your help

Australia’s national newspaper for kids – which you read every week – also costs money to publish.

We have more than 50 journalists, photographers and cartoonists around the country and overseas working to bring you the news every week.

All of them have been working for years, sometimes decades, to hone their skills to make sure everything they write or draw or photograph is the best it can possibly be. And this means you can rely on Crinkling News to bring you news that you know is factually correct, fair and fun!

But now Crinkling News needs your help. We need money so the newspaper can keep publishing and continue to be delivered to your home or school every week.

You can help by telling all your friends about the newspaper, telling your parents, your teachers, your friends’ parents, your principal, and your library.

If we can’t raise enough money, this week’s might be the last issue of Crinkling News we will be able to make.

Our fundraising page is online here:

Let’s keep Crinkling News in print!

From the Crinkling News editor